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JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.(herein after referred to as “JINGWEI”),a subordinate of CHINA HI-TECH GROUP CORPORATION. JINGWEI takes textile machinery as principal business and financial & Trust business as well. JINGWEI is a public listed company on SHENZHEN Stock Exchange, Stock code: 000666.

As the global leading manufacturer of complete set of cotton spinning chain equipment, JINGWEI inherits the essence of the national textile machinery, provides a solid equipment guarantee for the development of China cotton spinning industry. Focused in textile machinery and market segments for more than 60 years, JINGWEI gradually form”six product units” pattern, i.e. cotton spinning, weaving, twisting, knitting, printing & dyeing, and textile machine accessories. With the development of textile industry and customer's requirements, JINGWEI keeps to invest in R&D to innovate service model helping customers build "smart textile factory",which acts as an impetus for company to provide complete sets of textile machinery equipment and full-process quality services to help JINGWEI earn a good image in the market.

JINGWEI actively promoted industrial and financial integration, invested in financial trust business, accelerated the development of the textile industry, and achieved good results. As a public listed company that landed in the capital market earlier in China, JINGWEI optimized the corporate governance to construct a harmonious relationship among shareholders, society, environment, employees and other stakeholders.

By December 31, 2016, JINGWEI had total assets of 35.3 billion yuan, operating revenue of 1.04 billion yuan, total profit of 3 billion yuan, and asset-liability ratio of 55.08 %.

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